Race Service

Smooth Rides specializes in race tuning with a focus on repeatable results based on ski geometry, structure, and wax conditioning.  All work is verified and guaranteed. 

    *Book online or drop in-store for a 10% discount on all tuning services.

Training Wax & Edge  $65   

Race tuned edges and LF Race Wax for conditions.

Race Day Prep  $75  

Edges and anti-static / glide wax for your event. Guaranteed delivery by 5:00 am


Race Ski Setup & Grind:   $120  

Custom race grind, edge bevel set, polish, wax future and brush.

*Does NOT include shaping

Ski Shaping:      

Standard  $30       World Cup  $60

Tips and tails shaped and sidewalls pulled back. World Cup service includes full sidewall and topsheet shaping and polish. These are one time services for new race

skis or skis that have not been properly shaped.

*Only required for non-cap construction race skis.

Wax Conditioning Service: 

LF  $40 - MF  $60  - HF  $80

*Includes wax future and/or hot box as needed with base prep, graphite, and glide wax.

A la carte Services

Race Wax   $40

Training Wax  $30

Race Edge  $35

Base/Side Bevel Set   $60

Custom Race Grind   $60

   -with Base Bevel     $80

Base Repair  $10+

Binding Mount without Drill      $40

Binding Mount with Drill             $50

Race Plate Mount                          $30

Adjust and Test                              $30

Lift Kit Mount                                 $20

Hourly Labor   $90

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